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IC-MOVE is funded by Eurostars and co-funded by EUREKA member countries and the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. 

The project goal is to develop a system that facilitates early mobilization in ICU patients using interactive gaming which aims to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

The IC-MOVE technology will be beneficial for all healthcare providers that deal with patients in need for early mobilization. The scientific evidence is clearly in favour of early mobilization, but ICU’s are having trouble bringing this to practise without receiving larger budgets for labour costs. IC-MOVE offers a solution without requiring higher labour costs.

The Partners

The partners form a naturally complementary partnership with SilverFit providing knowledge of the software, Cogvis regarding the hardware, embedded software and AI, and Erasmus University Medical Center and Gelre Hospitals with their access to patients and specific medical knowledge of treatments and ICU management regarding early mobilization.

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